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To select an engineering course is a difficult choice because either your choice makes you happy rest of your life or after 4 years of engineering you try to change your field. So what we are here doing is making engineering more sensible, practical and more industry based with our best team of faculty.

Mr. Ashish Thorat, Founder & CEO


Here's what people are saying about our courses:

"As a graduate structural engineer, I found two courses very helpful for the understanding of the behavior of structures. The second course was very interesting which explain the way that an engineer has to think."
Sanket Gharat
Structural Engineer
"The whole training sessions was very dedicated, as it was enjoyable to go back to first principles and really understand and predict how a Piping Works. It was well presented and explained and I particularly enjoyed being presented with the information and then going away and working on the problems myself."
Aniket Mandhare
Piping Engineer
“I am very happy with the education I am receiving from IIDT. Training program ‘kept up’ with the current trends in the engineering world. IIDT gives people quality education with affordable fee structure.”
Mustaqueem Dutuke
HVAC Engineer
“I am very pleased with the course and already feel I am 'plugging' the gaps in my knowledge. Thank you very much for providing an excellent course at a price I can afford."
Salman Khan
Piping Engineer

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