Internship Programs for engineering students to get to know more about industries in between or after their respective studies. This program is an integral part of our engineering training programs.

This program is a way to develop student’s capabilities by practically applying their academic elements of their degree and as an opportunity to learn about the work environment. Academic credit provided by some institutions for their students with this program.


What is Internship?

Internship is kind of a job before the actual job, a peek into your career before it actually starts. It’s a way to learn new skills and utilize your existing ones, and get paid for that. Internship is a practical exposure to what you learn in classes all through your studies. It, thus, is an important part of your learning process.

Training vs Internship

Internship is a temporary position with focus on the assigned job with the intern given respect and responsibilities like a regular employee. The learning comes from the experience of the work the intern do more than training which is different from an internship in terms that it is much more focused on teaching by someone rather than a self-learning experience coming from the environment around and the job done.

Companies hire interns round the year, but most students do internships during summers and winter breaks because they have no exams during this time and lesser curriculum engagements.

Internship programs are also classified by industry; this usually corresponds with the interns' majors.


42% employers value relevant work experience more than any other qualifications while recruiting. Also, getting experience will do wonders to your confidence during any job interview.

Internships give you a way to utilize your knowledge base, and expand it, by applying it in situations where the outcome is not the number of marks you score in an exam but something that could affect a whole company.

It can be used as tools to identify, or at times even discover, what you would be good at. Say, you are hired as a intern in a production department at a engineering company and that exposed you to all the processes & stages followed during a product made, something that you loved and may eventually think of making a career out of it.


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